Fast-track your packages across the CARIBBEAN and LATAM.

An affordable, convenient freight forwarding partner for everyday shipping!

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Shipping services made for
Personal and Business Clients

Whether you’re shopping on Shein, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ross, you’ll have an easy way to send your packages to the Caribbean and LATAM.

Step 1: Shop Online!

From filings and forms to tracking and customer service, automation frees you from bureaucratic busywork. You’ll reach new heights in productivity and avoid the errors that can slip in with manual data entry.

Step 2: Upload Invoice

Expectations for shipping speed are higher than ever. Accelerate all your workflows with better data visibility, more collaboration, and the logistics software you need to be hyper-productive.

Step 3: Pay & Collect

Streamline and optimize your processes across the entire origin-to-destination supply chain. With CaribPak technology, you’ll build a loyal customer base and a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

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