For Freight Forwarders:
Want to GROW?

CaribPak Logistics is a package forwarding software built from the ground up to make running your package forwarding business easy, fast and secure. Focus on delivering the best service to your members and we’ll take care of the software.

Cutting-edge Member Portal available on both desktop and mobile devices

Provide your members with a portal that allows them to view their mailbox address, packages (including status and charges), payment receipts, create pre-alerts, update their profile and much more.

Accept Online Payments and allow members to request delivery

CaribPak supports online payment via First Atlantic Commerce (NCB, Scotiabank, First Global) and PayPal. Give members the option pay online and request delivery or pick-up at the counter.

Fully customizable to match your brand. Add your logo, change colors and attach your domain

Maintain a single brand experience for your members by customizing CaribPak with your logo, colors and domain. You can even add custom CSS for more advanded customizations.

Robust Staff Portal and companion app to manage your business from anywhere

CaribPak allows workers to save hours on back office tasks. Easily search members, scan & update packages, recording payments, request package retrieval, issue refunds and much more.

Manage customers with our CRM Software

As your business grows, it can be hard to maintain the personalized, consistent, proactive customer service that brought you success in the first place. CaribPak CRM ensures that all teams involved in customer acquisition, retention, and management can access the same accurate information about contacts, accounts, opportunities, and more. When used with CaribPak Supply Chain, this time-saving solution eliminates redundancies and fosters customer-centric collaboration across teams with greater visibility, streamlined processes, and built-in business intelligence.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Take Your Logistics
Operations Digital (and More Important Than Ever)

CaribPak automates the many tedious, repetitive manual tasks that slow down shipments, waste your time (and your customers’), cost money, and allow errors to slip in. Simply put, it’s the logistics software that will give you hours back in your day, grow your profit margins, and delight your customers – all in one platform.


  • Gather data from all over the place – spreadsheets, emails, websites, programs – and sometimes the data is inaccurate
  • Receive constant emails from customers requesting quotes, check various portals to collect rates and send a barrage of responses
  • Not sure where the cargo is, answer lots of phone calls in response to customer inquiries
  • Spend hours filing customs forms and documents, not confident about compliance
  • Make accidental errors, causing delays and unhappy customers, unable to take on new business at this pace

WITH CaribPak

  • Digitize operations and bust silos with accurate, holistic data for everyone in a single platform
  • Streamline and dramatically speed up the RFQ process, plus query and manage fast, accurate rates in a single control tower
  • Keep customers apprised on the location of their cargo with a mobile app and automated notifications, reducing calls and emails
  • Finish filing faster and communicate with CBP in real-time, ensuring full compliance
  • Eliminate duplicate and manual data entry, protecting processes from human error and giving you hours back in your day, allowing you to take on more business!

Do you love your logistics software?
2300+ CaribPak customers couldn’t
imagine life without it!

CaribPak Supply Chain once again achieved the Leader ranking on the G2 Summer 2022 Grid® Reports for Freight Management, Supply Chain Suites, and WMS by receiving positive reviews from verified users, with 9 out of 10 customers likely to recommend CaribPak. Our customers love us! If you’re looking for logistics software that you’ll really love working with, let’s talk.

“CaribPak is the ideal logistics technology solution for ICL, giving us the control, visibility, automation, and data we need to operate at the highest levels of efficiency.”

Orna Wachtel
VP of North American Operations


“Not only do our customers love the always-on visibility they gain from the mobile app, but it also has saved my team endless hours fielding customer service inquiries. It’s truly a win-win solution for all.”

Carter Gordon


“CaribPak has the technology we need to automate key processes, boost warehouse productivity, and improve the customer experience, setting us up for long-term growth and success.”

Isabel Gonzalez
Miami Branch Manager

TalaTrans Worldwide

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